M10 – PARIS‐SACLAY 07/03/2016 ‐ 11/03/2016

High-gain observers in nonlinear feedback control

Hassan Khalil
Dept. Electrical & Computer Engineering  Michigan State University , USA

Abstract of the course

High-gain observers play an important role in the design of feedback control for nonlinear systems. This course teaches the essentials of high-gain observers, their use in various control problems, including stabilization, tracking and regulation, and the challenges encountered in implementing them. The target audience are engineers from multiple disciplines (electrical, mechanical, aerospace, chemical, etc.) and applied mathematicians. Prerequisite: graduate-level knowledge of nonlinear systems analysis, especially Lyapunov stability.

The course is designed around the upcoming research monograph:
H.K. Khalil, High-Gain Observers in Nonlinear Feedback Control (expected in 2017)


1. Introduction and observer design
2. Stabilization and tracking
3. Adaptive control
4. Regulation
5. Extended observer
6. Unmodeled dynamics and measurement noise
7. Sampled-data control