EECI IGSC 2022 Early Registration 

20€ ADMINISTRATION FEE per module is required to confirm your registration. Your payment is very important in the early registration stage to decide whether the module will be opened or not.

Important: You are eligible for early registration fee only when 20€ Administration fee is paid or order form is received by EECI before deadlines. Otherwise standard registration fee will be applied.

Registration fee is not required at the moment of early registration. We will inform you whether the module is open or not as well as the steps to follow once the early registrations are closed. Please note module cannot be opened when there is insufficient confirmed early registration.

Administration fee and registration fee will be refunded when the module is cancelled by EECI, but non-refundable when the module is cancelled by participant.

Should you have any difficulties in processing the registration or payment, please contact


Payment modes of Administration fee and Registration fee (EECI is not responsible for any bank charges):

1) Credit card on line immediately upon registration. Otherwise you need to register again.

2) Order form: If you are sponsored by your Institute/Company, you could ask your sponsor to send us before the deadline an Order Form / written confirmation, marking the total amount (20€ Administration fee + Early Registration fee), by post or by mail at Or not you need to pay the 20€ first by yourself before the deadlines.

3) Bank check made to ASSOCIATION EECI – CentraleSupélec – 3, rue Joliot-Curie – 91192 Gif-sur-Yvette Cedex – FRANCE

4) Bank transfer
Important: Please mark clearly your name on your bank transfer order



1) For self-financed Individuals or those sponsored by Education/Research Academies
Early Registration 350€/module
Standard Registration 450€/module

2) For those sponsored by Industrial Companies/Organizations
Early Registration 600€/module
Standard Registration 800€/module

3) Reduced Registration fee 150€ for Master and PhD students coming from countries with low education priorities# attending module in their country; or PhD students residing in countries with low education priorities# attending on-line modules. Valid student status proof is required at registration; otherwise standard fee will be applied.

4) Master Free Registration fee
Free registration will only be offered AFTER Early registration for Master students of the University where the module runs (only 20€ administration fee is required). Valid student status proof is required at registration; otherwise, standard fee will be applied.

IMPORTANT: For Master students who have confirmed the early registration with other status (Engineer, Phd Student) need to pay the corresponding registration fee (350€ for Engineer, 150€ for Phd Student….)

# Please see here our List of countries with low education priorities

Payment modes: by credit card, bank check or bank transfer

N° SIRET: 491 926 853 00012
Code APE: 9499Z
Statut 'Association' : No TVA

~ EECI reserves the right for any changes without further notice


List of countries with low education priorities